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Tyler & Toys

Another fresh week and as always, time to see Rod Daily in more action. We promised you something special and we’re here to deliver on that as well. See, Tyler here is a very good buddy of Rod’s and he likes to always employ the use of toys in their little gettogethers. That’s why Rod wanted to show off how the two of them get to have fun every time they meet up for a nice and hard fuck. So yeah, take your time to watch RodDaily as he gets to lay back and feel a nice and thick cock fucking his nice and tight ass, and at the same time, you can see him moan in pleasure while his cock gets worked with a nice and sexy fleshlight toy as well.


Yeah, the two had the time of their lives as they got to play on a nice and comfy black leather couch and they hold nothing back from you. Sit back and see every angle of this simply superb little fuck fest and enjoy every second of it as they enjoyed shooting it as well. You know that we try to make this place the best place to come and visit when you want to see some amazing and lovely scenes with hot and horny guys getting nasty and every single week we have the best of the best joining Rod for a good fuck too. Anyway, take your time as we said and see you next week with more. If you want more right now, you can check out the past updates too!

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Rod Daily – Cock Tale

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to another scene featuring the one and only Rod Daily in some more of his sexual adventures here today. You guys remember the twink from some updates ago? The one that Rod got to play with in his bedroom, teaching him all sorts of new and neat things? Well, he gets his encore today and for this one Mr Rod here wants him to use that cock of his to fuck him nice and deep in the ass. Get ready to see the sexy and hot hunk on the receiving end in this classy RodDaily session and you can watch him letting this guy take his time to show him what he’s learned about pleasing other dudes as well!

Well the two get to take their seat on a nice and big and comfy red leather couch and they are having their sweet time with the foreplay as well. Since rod is going to be the one to take it, you can see him putting his expert lips and tongue to good use in this one working the guy’s meat pole in such a way that he has him rock hard in seconds. that’s good because Rod can’t wait any longer to get to have some cock in his ass and once he’s got that meat nice and hard, he wants to take it bareback as you can see. Anyway, enjoy him bouncing up and down that meat and see you next week with another special little scene from the man!


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Rod Daily – Triple Play

It’s that time of the week once more and you know fully well what that means. There’s some brand new Rod Daily content to check out and the guy is as always right in the middle of it. It was a nice and hot summer day here today and only late in the afternoon, did the sun subside and give way to some cool breezes to come by. So the guy and his fuck buddies finally opened the windows to the backyard nice and wide and you can see them fucking hard in full view with little care if anyone sees them. So yeah, let’s get to see RodDaily in some more amazing and hot galleries here this afternoon having fun in a kinky threesome with his friends!

Like we said, they just go for it and since they weren’t wearing many clothes to begin with, the guys are all happy to get to show off some amazing foreplay getting all touchy feely with one another and on top of that, starting to go down on each other too. Some of them suck some cock, others are rimming asses, but everyone is having quite a lot of fun. So anyway, check it out and watch Rod fucking one dude up the ass while he sucks some cock and licks some ass for a while too. He’s going to be on the recieving end as well, but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves. Do come back again soon for another new update and more Rod in action!


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Private Party

Well here we are again and as stated previously, more of Rod Daily is here for you to see. The title of this one is pretty self explanatory as well, as the guy gets to be wild and naughty with another new guy and you just have to see the two of them getting naughty and kinky with one another. The thing is that the hot Rod, went to this private party and he seems to have found himself quite smitten with one of the hunks around there. So it wasn’t long before the two were flirting with one another, so the guy took RodDaily to one of the upstairs room and that’s where they got to have some naughty fun, fucking each other all night long!

You can bet that the private party just turned even more private for the two of them and there’s no way you can skip over this one if you want to see some truly amazing sex sessions. They get naked fast and once more, some truly amazing looking, nude, muscled bodies are revealed to you and you can see that they just can’t keep their hands off of one another either. Before you know it, after a nice and long sloppy blowjob, the guy bends over for Rod and the guy gets to take his cock and fuck the guy nice and deep in the ass for the rest of this scene here today. See you next week with another glorious update and some more amazing and kinky scenes!


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Rod Daily – Pop In

Another fresh week and time for you all to see more of what you love. And that is of course, Rod Daily in some naughty and kinky action for the afternoon. The guy with the stars tattooed on his chest knows how to put on a great show for everyone to see and rest assured that he makes sure to reveal everything in today’s scene just as usual too. Well as you can see, Rod Daily is here with more of his fuck buddies and they plan on taking their sweet time to play with one another in a superbly hot threesome that will last for quite a while. So let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch another hot and kinky threesome fuck unwind here for you all to check out and see!


That black leather couch was going to be put to some pretty good use here today and all the guys are going to get a turn to fuck each other anally here today. Just enjoy the view of these three getting naked and more and more wild and when they get to sucking cock, it’s just absolutely amazing. You can see the guys themselves rimming each other as well as blowing one another’s cocks and like we said, once the moment of truth comes it’s just delicious to check out. Enjoy this glorious scene with them here today and come back again next week to see another show with Rod in action and more of his naughty action scenes as per usual!

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Paid in Full

This week we have quite the special show here to see with Rod Daily and another fuck buddy of his and you just have to see the two of them getting naughty and nasty with one another without delay. The guys know how to do everything just right and you can check out a superb little fuck fest that they get to put on for the cameras and you for the whole afternoon today as they have their fun. So yeah, Rod Daily was horny again and you know that he has only one cure for his little problem. And that’s lots and lots of sex. It’s okay though, because as you’ll see, the guy had quite a lot of help this afternoon to get off and you get to see it all!

Him and his buddy get to have a nice and big comfy bed all to themselves to play on and you would better believe that the pair ended up getting to do the nasty all day long here today. It’s one delicious and kinky little update that you just have to see and once it begins, it won’t stop until both of them blow their loads all over one another. Check them out in a steamy and hot fuck here today and enjoy the whole thing. There’s plenty of images in the gallery and on top of that, there will be even more to see next week as well. So yeah, enjoy the view and do remember to come on by and check everything out without any more delays everyone!


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Rod Daily – Phone Bone

Today Rod Daily got to have quite the awesome fuck with this guest star here today and you just have to check this one out and see the action. The title is pretty fitting too. You see, Rod here got really really horny, so he decided to make a call and make sure that he gets to have some sexual fun today too. And rest assured that he has contacts o plenty when he needs to hook up for the night. Sure enough the first guy he calls is down to party with him so they meet back at Rod’s place to have their fun. Let’s just get to see the hot and horny Rod Daily as he gets to take his time to moan in pleasure while riding a cock once more shall we?


As the guy knocks on the door, Rod is already prepared to answer and they go straight to the bedroom. The guy needed a serious dicking from the stud he called in and you can watch him pulling down those pants and starting to suck and slurp on the meat pole to get it nice and hard for his sexy ass. Then you can see him take his spot right on top and starting to ride it cowboy style for the rest of this amazing scene here today. Also before it all ends, you can see the stud shooting his load all over that fine ass that Rod has and it’s quite the view indeed. Anyway, we hope you liked it and Rod’s going to be back soon with more new content for you!

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Owner’s Boner

Welcome back everyone. You arrived just in time to check out another new and fresh update with Rod Daily and more of his friends getting naughty here today. It seems that he and some friends partied late at a bar and they ended up having quite the fun evening if you know what we mean. Anyway, you get to watch some nice and hot scenes with the three of them today. Also one of them is the owner and Rod knows that he gets free drinks as long as he gets to play with the guy after closing hours. So yeah, watch Rod Daily do just that with the owner and another guy and you can see him fucked balls deep in the ass in turns here today!

So yeah, like we said, the whole party takes place after closing hours and the guys are all over one another as soon as the last person leaves and they get to close up the place and get to have fun. Watch them closely and see the guys throw off their clothes and once naked, Rod straight up spreads his legs for them. Check him out as he gets to start taking it up the ass from one guy while he gets around to suck the other one off and make sure that his cock is ready to take a turn on his sexy ass here today. Anyway, we’ll be leaving you to enjoy it and we’ll see you again soon enough with some more new content. Bye bye for now everyone!


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Rod Daily – Fucking 101

Hey there guys and welcome back once again. Rod Daily is here with more interesting action scenes to show off to you all and you just have to keep on checking this one out. He has a new fuck buddy with him and it’s a hot stud that he picked up at the club this fine evening and he is going to show off to him a whole world of pleasures and debauchery that he hasn’t seen before. You can bet that it’s quite delicious to watch this guy getting to teach some fresh guy what gay sex is all about. Anyway, we bet you want to check it out as well, so let’s not delay and just get the show going and watch closely as Rod Daily fucks this guy balls deep anally today!


They get straight to Rod’s room and once there, you can take the time to see the two taking their time to kiss and caress one another as they get undressed and all touchy feely with one another as well. And of course, by the time they are naked, they are ready to party hard. You can see Rod showing off to the guy how to suck proper cock after which he lets him work his meat with those juicy lips as well. And after he learns quite fast, Rod gets to have the twink lay on his belly as he takes his time to plow that cute and tight ass with his mighty cock. And we have a feeling that you will be seeing this hot twink in future scenes with Rod too!

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Nude Intruder

You can see Rod Daily in action once again this week and he has even more hot scenes for you to see. The guy with the two star tattoos is all ready to get to show off to you all and there’s quite a lot going down that he wants to show off for sure here today. So without delay let’s get to start off another amazing show and see this guy hard at work playing naughty and nasty for you all to see and check out. So you can be sure that the amazing gallery that he gets to take part in with his fuck buddy is quite the delicious and kinky one too. Well with that, let’s get to see Rod Daily in some more sexy gay fucking scenes this afternoon shall we everyone?

As the show begins, the two guys are just done with the regiment they were doing at the gym and you can see that they work really hard on their superb muscular bodies to be in tip top shape as much as they can. It looks like Rod is in the mood to take it up the ass again, so in this hot show, you get to see his bi-spectacle friend getting the honor to plant his cock nice and deep up Rod’s ass today. Rest assured that you have quite a lot of images to check out with the two of them and you most definitely need to check them out in action today without any more delays. Anyway, have fun and come back soon for more new and fresh scenes!


Take a look at these guys hammering one another!

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